A big part of our activities are the fulfillment of complex and planning-intensive solutions. Therefore we are experienced in the consultation, planning, and execution of large-scale projects.

Our services assist industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail in one-off projects or ongoing “just-in-time” deliveries for day-to-day production or retail.

We pick up or deliver your goods seamlessly on location be it your production line or one of Europe’s ports or airports.

Our truck fleets meet all required environmental regulations. Our drivers are regularly trained on a safe and efficient driving style.

All of our conducted transports are further insured in compliance with legal requirements. We operate on the basis of the “German Freight Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions 2017” (ADSp 2017) and have signed the „Speditions-Global-Police“.

All our processes are realised efficiently and in agreement with highest quality- and safety standards.

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